Lunch Money Buddy Application

User Interface

image of Lunch Money Buddy app home screen vertical and horizontal

Project Scope: Interactive Prototype

Client: Student Work

The Lunch Money Buddy is an interactive prototype application that allows parents and guardians to manage their school aged children’s in-school cafeteria lunch accounts. The Lunch Money Buddy app needed to appeal to advanced users, novice users, busy and disorganized users.

image of four horizontal Lunch Money Buddy app, Welcome Scrren, Add a Student, My Calendar and delet account screen

The goals of the app were to create:

  • ∎ an easy navigation
  • ∎ an easy to learn application
  • ∎ simple steps to add funds
  • ∎ simple steps to check funds
  • ∎ a quick lunch menu access
  • ∎ a favorite meal tracker
  • ∎ a low balance alert
  • ∎ a simple auto-replenish set up

Image of two Lunch Money Buddy app sketches, and image of user journerys


User journeys were sketched to demonstrate the apps functionality and the possible journeys users would make as the they use the app. From the user journeys, wireframes were creating to illustrate the navigation and placement of content.

Image Sitemap and vertical and horizontal views of the lunch money buddy app's navigation


The sitemap was created to identify which navigational structure worked best based off the users.

The top navigation shows the main quick links for the lunch menu and alerts. The left slide navigation links are broken down into sections for easy navigation by setup, user accounts, menu links, and information about the Lunch Money Buddy App.

Image of 8 lunch money buddy app screens, veritical and horizontal, Add funds screen, My Calander Screen, My Favorite Meal screen and Welcome screen


  • ∎ Simple steps to add funds & simple steps to check funds
  • ∎ Quick lunch menu access & favorite meal tracker
  • ∎ Low balance alerts
  • ∎ Simple auto-replenish set up

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