Brantly-McCleary, LLC (BMC)

Web Design & Branding Case Study

Laptop and cellphone with BMC homepage showing

My Role: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap
Code/Framework: UX & Graphic Designer and Front-End Developer
Tools: Adobe Illustrator, BBEdit


My task was to create a one-pager website for BMC, a new business needing a streamlined, intuitive user experience (UX) design to ensure visitors quickly grasp its value proposition and take desired actions. Additionally, I was responsible for developing the brand identity and designing business cards and letterheads.

Web Design Goals:

Create an overall design and user experience for the website
Create a responsive website optimized for mobile devices
Create a design using a Bootstrap front-end framework

Design Process

BMC's design process diagram'

Discovery & Research

User Goals:
Create a modern but balanced user-centric web experience
Establish a one-pager informational website to increase awareness that BMC is open for business
Target the appropriate audience
Create a user interface that allows users to find what they need quickly and efficiently

BMC's sitemap'

Sitemap: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap
The sitemap ensures that the final product is user-friendly, logically organized, and aligned with user needs and business objectives. Additionally, it provides a visual outline for potential future pages.

Competitive Analysis:
A competitive analysis examined three websites to inform the design process. This evaluation aimed to assess the overall usability and effectiveness of the competitors' interfaces.
Examined Websites:
HRCI: Human Resources Consulting, Inc
FMP Consulting
HumanBridge HR Consulting, LLC
Analysis Criteria:
Consistency and Standards
Efficient Navigation
Effective Visual Design
Supporting Readability and Scan-ability

Competitive analysis document screenshot

Structure & Planning

BMC's wirframes'

Design & Development

competitor apps


Created a website structure using HTML with a Bootstrap framework
Defined the website’s syles with CSS
Enhanced the user experience by adding interactivity with elements with JavaScript

competitor apps

Final Product

Various screens of BMC finished website